The Different Questions.


"Have you ever talked to a friend or looked online to find treatments for your varicose or spider veins? Were you left with more questions than answers? Do you want to get treatment but the concept of removing veins concerns you? Don’t worry you are not alone. One of the most frequent question topics we receive from patients here at Laser Vein Center of Alaska is whether or not the veins being treated are safe to remove. Patients worry that the removal of their varicose or spider veins will be detrimental to their health or that they will cause issues later in life. Thankfully this is not the case.

Won’t I need these veins?

No, if you have varicose or spider veins they are no longer functioning properly and have poor circulation at best. Inefficient veins act like a reservoir, holding blood rather than promoting normal circulation. Since these veins are not able to properly perform their duty of blood circulation they are not needed. In fact, they actually pose a hazard.

Veins are vital for circulation. How can removing veins help circulation?

Removing veins that do not function properly such as varicose or spider veins can improve your circulatory system. When damaged veins allow blood flow in the wrong direction nearby veins have an increase in workload to keep blood moving efficiently back to the heart. Once damaged veins are removed the surrounding normal functioning veins have a decreased workload."

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