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Hernia Treatment In Bolivar, TN

A hernia is a weakness or defect in the wall of the abdomen. Some are born with this weakness, or it can be caused by the wear and tear of daily living. Although men are more likely to have hernias, they also occur in women and children. In fact, hernias are so common that people of any age can get them. Most hernias aren’t life threatening. But treatment can help eliminate discomfort and prevent complications. 

A hernia will not heal on its own. Surgery is needed to repair the weakness in the abdominal wall. If not treated, a hernia will get larger. It can also lead to serious medical complications. Fortunately, hernia surgery can be done quickly and safely. Different methods are used depending on the location and type of hernia. You can usually go home the same day as surgery. 

The type of hernia you have depends on its location. The most common types of hernias form in the groin. Other types form in the abdomen around the navel or the site of a previous surgery. Hernias can also form on both sides of the body (bilateral hernias), or recur in the same spot (recurrent hernias). In some cases, you can have more than one type at a time. Click to learn bout hernia treatment options.