Isaac Clinic - Adonai Guest House

We are grateful to be here! It was a long trip and Danny and I enjoyed the time to visit and rest. It is about 1:30 am here in Kampala. Tomorrow we will start the day with a dedication service for the clinic. The clinic was completed in April but has not been “advertised” until now. They have been seeing about 20 ppl a day but anticipate many more now that they are getting the word out. 

One of our hosts, a local, prayed for us as we left the airport to travel to the guest house. I was moved as I was reminded of the power of Our God and His presence in our lives. One of the things that God began to teach Danny and i during Isaac’s short life was how real and powerful His presence is. That despite circumstance, He provides peace, hope, strength, and joy.We pray that people who visit the Isaac Clinic will also encounter His sweet presence and be drawn to life in Him.

A few things we are praying for:

  1. Our friends the Raglands got caught in Amsterdam and will not be here until later tomorrow. We pray that God will make the way smooth for the rest of their journey here.
  2. That God would be honored tomorrow at the dedication and in all of our efforts here.

Thank you for checking in and for praying. Pictures tomorrow.

ml and Danny