A Beginner’s Guide On Cures For Hemorrhoids

If you were to consult a medical website, you will see that there are various ailments that can be experienced by people today. One of the more serious and uncomfortable ailments is that of hemorrhoids. The causes of hemorrhoids are vast and the treatments can be lengthy with high risks of side effects.

This article will provide information on permanent cures for hemorrhoids working in a short period of time. Furthermore, the cures listed below do not include pharmaceuticals, do not include any surgeries, and do not cause severe side effects.

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The Cause Of Hemorrhoids

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is the inflammation of different body tissues in the anal canal. This swelling is typically caused by an increased internal pressure occurring in the rectal or pelvic area.

If you begin feeling these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you contact a doctor as hemorrhoids can be dangerous if left untreated for long periods of time.

The Diagnosis Of Hemorrhoids

Many individuals find the bowel movement excruciating and the squeezing motion of the movement will be painful and produce blood. A symptom of internal hemorrhoids is the presence of blood and mucus on a stool.

This can be found by checking your stools or finding blood on tissue paper. The blood is often a sign of internal pressure and can be a sign of hemorrhoids.

However, blood dripping from the anus can also be a sign of cancer and intestinal infections. It is essential you consult a medical doctor if this symptom is present.

To obtain a diagnosis of hemorrhoids, the medical professional will need to perform a very simple and non-invasive physical examination. This is done to confirm the presence of potential hemorrhoids in the anal canal.

The examination can be completed quickly and a diagnosis is generally obtained soon after this.

An external hemorrhoid is often simpler to diagnose as one will not need an invasive examination into the anal canal. External hemorrhoids develop outside the rectum and are clearly visible; however, this does not make external hemorrhoids any less dangerous than internal ones.

An external hemorrhoid may form outside the rectum, but it will also develop a blood clot inside the anal canal. This clot may disappear when the tissues are inflamed and may contract during bowel movements.

Another test that may be conducted is a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. These tests will investigate the different colonic regions and determine the exact area of bleeding.

This is generally done if the physical examination did not present with definite diagnostic results. Contrary to popular belief, the colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are not signs of severe damage, but merely a further investigation into the cause of bleeding.

The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

As with the examination for hemorrhoids, the treatments are relatively simple. In many cases, the medical professional will request that you perform a developed routine at home to alleviate any symptoms of the hemorrhoids (i.e. the pain when having bowel movements).

A doctor may also provide oral medication as treatment; as well as a topical solution to ease the pain when having bowel movements. In many cases, hemorrhoids can cause itching which can be addressed through anti-itch prescriptions.